Manual Raise

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Manual Raise

Manual Raise allows you to add new Alarms into the system directly. You will need to specify a type and a location, but you can also add any additional information you require.


Start by clicking Manual Raise at the top of the Alarm screen, or you can use Shift+R. This will open Manual Raise.

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You can set the location in one of two ways:

  • To set the general Area, you can pick the Area and floor directly.
  • To set the exact position where the alarm occurred, you can click on the map. The map also has search options to jump to a configured Area or an address. 

Selecting an Event Type

Once you have chosen an Area you will be able to select an Event Type that best describes the Alarm you are trying to create. 

Depending on how your Event Types have been configured you may have a different set of Event Type Options for different Areas.

Administrators are able to customize the list of available Manual Raise Event Types on the Event Configuration screen.

When you have entered all the details for the alarm, you can click OK. If the "Automatically Claim" box is checked, you will then immediately start handling the event, and be taken to the response screen. 

Manual Raise Troubleshooting


If the Event Type drop down list is showing "List is empty" that either means that you haven't selected an Area. (Remember, you should select an area before selecting an Event Type) or your administrator has not configured (or has removed) the list of Manual Raise Event Types in the Event Configuration screen.



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