Activity Log

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Activity Logs

Activity Logs are designed to replace the command centre run-book.  Users can submit logs for anything that may be relevant for the centre's history.

These are normally non-incident logs such as

  • Logging a Visitor into the Control Room or Command Centre
  • Logging shift details (i.e. Logging the start of a users shift, breaks, and when they end)
  • Logging maintenance reports

The Activity Log is visible then by anyone with the report permission in the Activity Log screen, it is viewable in real time or can be used to generate PDF reports.

The Activity Log button in the Alarm Queue allows users to quickly enter log an Activity without having to leave their main alarm queue screen.

Click the Activity Log button in the top right corner to open the Activity Log Entry window

2023-08-18 10_16_59-Clipboard.png


Here you can choose the

  • Start Time

  • End Time
    Note: If you select an End Time  that is prior to the Start Time, it will be assumed the End Time is for the following day.

  • Area / Location (Required)
    If this is a general log you can select your top level area (your organisation name). If it is a log regarding a specific area or site (such as maintenance report) then you can select the individual area.

  • Category
    You must select an Area before selecting a Category. The Categories will only show "Activity Log" categorises and are customisable in the Category Setup screen

Once you've done this, enter the Notes for the Activity Log. When you've finished press OK. The Log will be saved and the Activity Log Entry window will close

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