Area Notes

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Area Notes

Area notes allow users to view and add text notes to Areas providing more information to operators when processing alarms or for quick reference.

Notes can contain any text that may be useful for operators to be able to quickly access.


Search All Areas

Within the main alarm queue there is a "Note" button at the top of the screen. This button allows users to search through the list of all Areas (that they have permission to access) and then manage notes for the area they select

  1. Click the Note button

    2023-07-31 10_58_32-SureView Operations — Mozilla Firefox.png

  2. Select the Area from the Area Notes Finder and click Show Notes
    2023-07-31 11_01_01-SureView Operations — Mozilla Firefox.png
  3. Click "Show Notes"
    2023-07-31 11_02_44-SureView Operations — Mozilla Firefox.png


Alarms Events - Quick Area Notes

If a particular Area currently has an alarm in the queue - Users can quickly open the notes for that Area by clicking on the small Note button next to the Area Name

2023-07-31 11_06_27-SureView Operations — Mozilla Firefox.png

In the screenshot above:

  • Clicking on the Note button next to "Tampa Office" will open the Tampa Office Area Notes.
  • Clicking on the Note button next to "UK Office" will open the UK Office Area Notes

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