Alarm Queue Filter - Area Exclusions

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Alarm queue filters enable users to customize event visibility in the event queue, allowing them to focus on specific criteria relevant to their tasks.

By creating multiple filters, users can efficiently manage events, ensuring they only see the most pertinent information.

With the Area Exclusions Feature, users can selectively exclude areas from their alarm queue filters. This is helpful when customers want to create a view of a large region and want to exclude a few locations from their filter.

Permissions: Administrative privileges are required to create, edit, and delete alarm queue filters.

Add a new Alarm Queue Area Exclusion

  1. Navigate to the Alarm Queue 
  2. Open an Alarm Queue Filter or Create a new Filter
  3. Add a parent Area to the desired Filter 
  4. Select a child Area to exclude - and change the state of this area from include (green check) to exclude (red cross) 


This screenshot shows a filter that is set to include all of "SureView Demo" (including sub-areas) except for the "UK Office" which has been excluded.

2024-03-14 11_06_29-SureView Operations — Mozilla Firefox.png

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