Alarm Queue Masking

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Alarm Queue Masking

Individual email alarms and entire Areas can be quickly masked by clicking on the masking 'shield' button. This is displayed at the top of the Alarm Queue Page.


Required Permissions: Mask Alarm Points and/or Mask alarm points for an extended period of time


Once open you can click the MASK button to temporarily (default to 10 minutes) suppress any further alarms, or use the interface to search for any other alarm points or areas to mask instead.

When an alarm point or Area is masked it will stop triggering in SureView entirely but it does not  Masking does not stop the on-premise device from physically sending alarms. Masking suppresses the alarms on the SureView side only.

Important Note

Masked Alarms are not logged and cannot be found in the SureView Event Search History or Insights Reports.



How Long can I mask for?

  • If a user does not have any masking permissions - the Masking options won't be visible and they wont be able to mask at all.
  • If a user has the Mask Alarm Points permission they will be allowed to mask the alarm up to 24 hours (14,440 minutes)

  • If a user has the Mask Alarm Points for an extend period of time permission they'll be allowed to mask the alarm point indefinitely

Can any alarms ignore the Mask status?

Masking does not suppress Manual Raise Alarms OR "High Priority" Alarms with a priority of 1,000 or above (such as Panic alarms)


Masking Status Icons



The Green shield indicates how many Areas are fully active


Partially Masked


The Yellow shield indicates how many Areas are partially masked (some alarms are masked, some are active)




The Red shield indicates how many Areas are fully masked (all the Area's alarms are masked)

Masking Window


Once you open the masking screen you can choose which Alarm(s) you would like to mask and for how long (default 10 minutes).  The Area tree can be filtered by Mask status by clicking the relevant filter icon. 
Note: The White Shield filter will show all Areas regardless of status

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