End Event

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End Event


Once an operator has fully processed the alarm event and is ready to  close the incident they can use the END button in the top right corner of the screen

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When Ending an Event the user must choose an Outcome Category that best describes the Alarm Event that they just processed. 

The list of Event Categories are configured by your administrator in the Event Category Setup page this will be based on your own organisation requirements and use cases.


The End button will remain disabled (see screenshot below) until the following conditions have been met

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  1. All Alarms have been acknowledged
    This can be done by clicking on the red alarms in the queue individually or by using the "Ack All" button.
  2. All Required (red) actions steps have been completed
    These are the standard operating procedure steps on the right hand side. any Red steps will need to be completed. Any black steps are optional.
  3. All Restorable Alarms have been Restored (Advanced Class 3 Alarm Integrations Only)
    Alarms that require restores such as a "Door Held Open" followed by a "Door Held Open Restore" will remain unrestored until the corresponding restore alarm is received. Operator are able to "Force Restore" individual alarms by clicking on the Restore button and providing a reason for applying the force restore.
    Note: This is only for customers using advanced class 3 alarm integrations such as Access Control systems.


Quick Guide - Ending an Event

Important: The End button will remain disabled until all of the necessary steps have been completed.

Step 1 - Acknowledge all alarms by clicking each one individually or pressing the "ACK ALL" button

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Step 2 - Complete any required (red) action steps. If there are no red action steps then you can skip this

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Step 3 - Press the END button

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Step 4 - Choose a category (such as "Authorised Persons - Staff on Site” or “Intruder - Criminal Activity) and press OK.
Optionally you can add extra notes in the Notes box

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