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The Actions side bar provide instructions or guidance to operators when handling alarm events. Actions are configured by your administrators in the Acton Setup screen and are dynamic based on the type of alarm (or individual alarm point)


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Required vs Optional

Action Steps highlight in red are required steps - These must be completed before the event can be ended

Action steps with a black background are optional - these steps can be completed as needed but won't stop a user from Ending the Event (assuming the other Event End Conditions are met)

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Logic Flow

Action Steps can be configured to follow a logical flow which will present the user with difference choices depending on their answers.  For example if an operator answers the question "Is there a person present in the Relevant Media?" the step that follows is going to depend on if they've selected Yes or No

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Action Step Types

Below is a list of the different possible action step types a user may encounter

  • Basic
    Display a given message to the operator with an Tick Box that the operator would need to select to continue.
  • Yes/No
    Ask the operator a Yes / No question - this is often combined with the conditional "Action Triggers" in order to create branching logic
  • URL
    This will show the operator a Link that they will need to click to continue. This can be any URL format including a normal web address, an internal intranet address or even a mailto email link
  • Call Contact
    This will show the operator a list of the available area contacts with their contact details with a given Role (i.e. "First Aider")
  • Download SitRep
    This will show the operator the "Download Situation Report" button
  • Raise to Case Management
    This would provide a button for the operator to raise the particular event to SureView Cases with a summary note.
    Note: This is only applicable to customers with a SureView cases account

Add Action from Library

Actions are assigned to Events automatically but as situations change a user may need to bring in new action plans or procedures into the event.  To do this the user should click the "Add Action from Library" button. This shows the Action List and allows the user to choose any additional steps or plans to include

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A Door Held Open is triggered with a standard "Door Held" action plan. After checking the Cameras the operator can see that someone has collapsed in the doorway. They need to quickly get the procedure for a Medical Emergency.

The user clicks the "Add action from library" and selects the "Medical Emergency" plan which provides all the guidance they need to be able to quickly respond to the situation.


Add Action to new category

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The "Add action to new category" provides users (with the appropriate permissions) to manually add entirely new custom steps to this event. The custom action steps are saved just for this one event and not added to the wider Action Library

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A complicated incident has occurred which requires multiple operators to perform actions, call contacts, monitor live cameras etc. The event owner can manually create steps and assign the steps to other individuals within the event. Keeping the process organised and ensuring all tasks are completed (and logged).


Assigning Actions

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Action Steps or an entire Action Plan can be assigned to individual users to complete. This is particularly useful if there are multiple users collobrating within a single Alarm Event.

Click the "Assign" button and choose who should be responsible for completing the steps

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Once assigned, the steps will show the initials of the user who is responsible for completing them. If a step has been assigned to an individual, the action buttons such as "Complete" or "Yes / No" will only be shown to that person.

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