Site Monitor Map

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Site Monitor Map

The Map shown in the Site Monitor screen shows the location of the alarms in the current event along with any relevant map pin items such as Cameras or Audio Devices

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Alarm Location Detection alarm_active.svg

SureView will automatically detect the location of each incoming alarm to display on the map.  The location is taken from one of the following properties (in priority order, from most specific to most general)

  1. Location included with the alarm
    If the actual alarm data contains location data (such as an alarm contain latitude,longitude values in the data) this will be used to plot the pin.

  2. Plotted Alarm Point
    If the individual alarm point has been manually plotted using the "Map Setup" then this location will be used.

  3. Area Location
    The location of the Area that the alarm is associated with (based on the location configured in Area Setup)

Moving an Alarm Pin Location alarm_acknowledged.png

Click, hold and drag an alarm pin to move it to a new location.  Once the mouse button is released a prompt will ask to confirm or cancel the Location update.

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Once confirmed an entry will be added to the audit trail, recording the action and the lat/long location of the previous and new location of the alarm.

splays a list of Alarm events that need to be handled.

Important Note - To enable this functionality

  1. The feature must be turned on for your account, contact your SureView engineer to enable this feature

  2. The permission must be added to the relevant operator user group: Alarm Processing> Allow the user to update the event location pin. See Permission Setup


Viewing a Live Camera camera.svg

Users can use the Map to load Live Cameras by clicking on the Camera Pin then clicking on a cell (or box) in the Media Matrix.

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Important Note

Click and Drag is not supported. To load Cameras you must click or tap on a camera pin, then click or tap on one of the cells (or boxes) in the Media Matrix


Map Pins

Icon Name Description / Action


Camera Location of a Live Camera - clicking a camera pin followed by clicking a Media Matrix cell will switch connect and start playing this live camera.


Active Alarm Location of an alarm that is currently in the queue waiting to be processed. Clicking this will open the alarm for processing.


Acknowledged Alarm Location of an alarm that's being actively processed by an operator or has been temporarily parked.


Audio Device Location of an audio device (such as a loudspeaker or intercom). 


Door / Relay Location of a relay (often a controllable door)


Outputs Location of an output device. These are often devices that can control additional output functions such as triggering an audio siren.

2023-08-18 10_54_14-SureView Operations — Mozilla Firefox.png


Field Ops Mobile User

The location of any logged in Mobile User who is sharing their location

2023-08-18 10_56_56-SureView Operations — Mozilla Firefox.png

Field Ops Asset The location of any manual Field Ops "Asset" that has been plotted in the Field Ops screen. e.g. a Guard Posts

2023-08-18 10_58_05-SureView Operations — Mozilla Firefox.png

Region The Region of your Area - these are plotted in the "Area Setup" screen and allow you to add a bounding area around your area to define it's borders. This includes a label with the name of the Area


Map Floors

2023-08-18 11_07_12-SureView Operations — Mozilla Firefox.png

Clicking on the Floor Number or Label will show a drop-down list of the available floors within the current view. The user can then click on the appropriate floor number / label to switch the map to view that floor.

The map will then show the appropriate floor plans and map pins associated with that floor.


Users can also use the Up and Down arrows to navigate up and down floors incrementally.

Resize the Map

Depending on your screen-space you may want to make the map bigger, smaller or hide it entirely. You can do this by using the resize buttons.

Clicking the Up arrow will increase the size of the map

Clicking the Down arrow will decrease the size of the map (or hide it entirely after a few clicks)

2023-08-22 11_44_54-SureView Operations — Mozilla Firefox.png


Alarm Focus

Clicking the Yellow Alarm Focus button will refocus/centre the map into the Event's alarm location. This is useful if you have been moving the map to look around the current area and need to quickly get back to the alarm's location.

2023-08-22 11_44_54-SureView Operations — Mozilla Firefoxalarmfocus.png


Map Search

Clicking the Search button on the map allows the user to search by Area Name or by Address

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