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Native Integration Available

This integration requires a Class 2 License and a Device Server. Please contact your account manager for more details.


Supports Standards

This manufacturer's devices support standards for email alarms

Standards Based - Alarm (email) Setup

In SureView

Add your Exacq Alarm Points into SureView by following the SureView Email Alarm Setup support page. You should include one SureView Email Alarm point per Alarming Exacq Camera / alarm source.

In Exacq

Configure Exacq to send email alarms to the unique email address created in the SureView Email Alarm Setup

Note: email alarm setup may differ depending on exacq version, please refer to your own manufacturer documentation.

  1. Open the Exacq client and go to the 'Configuration' section.
  2. Select the 'Notifications' section of the DVR you are configuring
  3. Configure your SMTP settings based on the "Direct to Ops" SMTP Details - See "Email Alarms - SMTP" support page.
  4. Add a 'Message Profile' for each Camera for which you are expecting alarms
  5. Copy the unique Email Address for each Sureview Email alarm point and enter it as the "To" address for the relevant camera alarm's message profile.
  6. When you have added all required message profiles, select 'Event Linking'.
  7. Click the 'New' button to create a new event.
  8. Add an event for each Camera you require, set the 'Action Type' field to 'Notify' and then match the profile you set up in the 'Notifications' section earlier. Click 'Apply' to save each event.

Native Integrations Supported Features

  • Live Video
  • PreAlarm Recording (SureView Response Pro Tier Only)
  • Audio Transmit
  • Audio Receive
  • Get Configuration
  • Alarms (via Email Alarms - Standards Based Alarms)

Manufacturer License Requirements

N/A - No manufacturer license required.

Network Requirements





Device Server

Exacq Server

22609 TCP

Exacq SDK Server Port


Configuring Your Device

Native Integration - Device Setup

Enter the Device details in to Sureview Advanced Device Setup, leaving the Camera ID field blank if there is only one Exacq server on site. Then press the Get Config Button. Sureview will query the device and return the information from it, including the Camera ID values.

If there is more than one server on site then ensure that the Camera ID field contains the server number of the Exacq system before clicking the "Get Config" button. 0 is the first server, 1 is the second server, 2 is the third, and so on. The format for this is s=x, for example s=0 or s=8.


Press Get Configuration to automatically load all the Cameras for the chosen Exacq Server


Native Integration - Audio Receive Setup

To enable the Audio Receive when configuring the Exacq unit, you need to follow the screenshot below:





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