How do I end an Alarm Event using keyboard shortcuts?

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If an Alarm Event isn't waiting for Required Action Steps to be completed or Restorable Alarms to be received then you have two easy options for closing out the event using keyboard shortcuts


Option 1 - Picking your Closure Outcome Category

  1. Shift + C (Ack All Alarms)
  2. Shift + E (End - open the end event / close dialog)
  3. Type the first few letters or numbers of the outcome category you want to pick it in the dropdown
  4. Enter - To select the outcome category
  5. Shift+Enter for OK and close/end the event


Option 2 - Using Quick End

This is only available if your administrator has enabled the quick end function (see the Quick End Settings Support Page)

  1. Shift + C (Ack All Alarms)
  2. Shift + Q (End the event with your default "Quick End" closure category)

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