What Are Default Timeouts?

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What Are Default Timeouts?

Operator Inactivity Timeout - 10 minutes

If an operator is in an event (alarm or tour) but does not perform any auditable action for 10 minutes (i.e. acknowledge an alarm, complete an action step, dispatch an officer, etc.) a warning will appear on the screen and a countdown will begin. If the operator doesn't hit cancel before the end of the countdown, the event will automatically go back into the main queue.

This is different to the "Browser Timeout" function (below) because this timeout only triggers if an operator's browser is online and in an event/site but initiating no actions (e.g. they left their desk but forgot to close the event) rather than because of any technical issue.


Browser Timeout - 10 seconds

The Browser Timeout occurs if an operator's browser is no longer responding. This could be due to the operator losing their internet connection or if an operator exits an event without closing it.

After 10 seconds there is a "technical" timeout which will put the event back into the main queue for another operator to handle.

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