I can't login—Invalid username or password

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I can't login—Invalid username or password

If you are getting an Invalid username or password error message when you attempt to login, check these items first:


  1. Are you logging in to the correct region? 
    https://us.sureviewops.com for USA Hosted SureView Ops
    https://eu.sureviewops.com for EU Hosted SureView Ops

  2. Is Caps Lock on?
    Check your keyboard to make sure caps lock hasn't been switched on accidentally

  3. Is Num Lock off?
    If you are using the keyboard number pad to enter part of your password, check to make sure Num Lock is switched on.

  4. Are you using your full email address?
    Your email address is also your username: Make sure to use your full email address and not just the first part. For example:  joe.blogs@sureviewsystems.com not just joe.blogs

  5. Have you forgotten your password?
    Use the "Forgot your password?" link on the login screen to trigger a password reset email.


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