What are the default Event Categories?

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What are the default Event Categories?

Event Categories (or “Outcomes”) are what operators use to categorize a security event once it’s finished. This is invaluable for reporting and event history purposes.

We have pre-populated your system with some of the most common categories that our customers routinely use but if you would like to customize this list you can also upload your own.


Parent Category / Folder Category
Building Issues Garage / Lot Issue
Building Issues Escalator Issue
Building Issues Water Break / Leak
Building Issues Power Outage
Building Issues Other
Building wide emergency Fire / Smoke
Building wide emergency Powder / Chemical Incident
Building wide emergency Hazardous Conditions
Building wide emergency Active Shooter
Building wide emergency Bomb Threat
Building wide emergency Other
Criminal Activity Criminal Activity
Criminal Activity Property Damage
Criminal Activity Other
Disturbance Workplace Violence
Disturbance Protest
Disturbance Intoxicated Person(s)
Disturbance Fight
Disturbance Other
Elevator Issue Entrapments - Operator Error
Elevator Issue Entrapments - Safe Release
Elevator Issue Entrapments  - Medical Needed
Elevator Issue Entrapments  - Fire Department Needed
Elevator Issue Maintenance Issue
Elevator Issue Other
Maintenance Security Device Malfunction
Maintenance Light Fittings
Maintenance Environmental Controls
Maintenance Other
Medical False Alarm - No Care Required
Medical EMT Dispatched - Provided Care
Medical EMT Dispatched - Patient Taken to Hospital
Medical Other
Security Assist Escort
Security Assist Missing Child / Person
Security Assist Lost Property
Security Assist Other
Suspicious Person(s) No Threat
Suspicious Person(s) Incident - Person Escorted From Premises
Unattended Item Determined as No Threat
Unattended Item Authorities Investigated - Confirmed No Threat
Unattended Item Authorities Investigated - Incident - Item Disposed Safely
Unattended Item Other
Unauthorized Access False Alarm - Confirmed Staff
Unauthorized Access Escorted Off Premise
Unauthorized Access Other
Vehicle Illegally Parked Cars
Vehicle Vehicle Larceny
Vehicle Vehicle Accident / Damage
Vehicle Breaking and Entering Vehicle
Vehicle Other
Weather Alert Tornado Warning
Weather Alert High Wind
Weather Alert Heavy Rain / Storm Warning
Weather Alert Snow / Ice Warning
Weather Alert Other
System Test  
Unable to Determine Category  


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