Ultinous AI Suite

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Ultinous AI Suite is an Advanced video analytics system for real-time security which can be used to send verified alarms into SureView based on a range of detection parameters including (but not limited to) Intrusion, Crowd Detection, Fall Detection, Loitering etc

Supports Standards

This manufacturer's devices support standards for streaming video and receiving alarms

Standards: Requirements

  1. You will need an AI-Suite account with Ultinous AI Suite
  2. Your camera(s) must be added to Ultinous AI Suite

Standards: Device Setup

In Sureview

  1. Login and create your email alarm points for the cameras as normal

  2. Copy the unique SureView Email Address for the camera(s) you are setting up with Ultinous
    It will looks something like this t3p45bc4gr@us.sureviewops.com  or t3p45bc4gr@eu.sureviewops.com

In Ultinous  AI-Suite

  1. If you do not have an SMTP server already configured: In the Ultinous AI Suite, open the Control Panel -> E-mail and enter the following information and press Save

    Field Value
    Sender e-mail address This will be shown in the email viewer of the SureView interface so you may wish to use it to identify the source system. For example: ultinous@customername.com
    URL of the UI The URL (web address) of your Ultinous system
    Encryption STARTTLS
    Server name

    us-smtp.sureviewops.com (if your SureView account is held in the US)

    eu-smtp.sureviewops.com (if your SureView account is held in the EU)

    SMTP Port



    None necessary (the address being sent to is used to identify the device)

    User Password

    Leave unticked (the address being sent to is used to identify the device)



    None necessary (the address being sent to is used to identify the device)


  2. Go to Solutions -> Select the solution you would like to connect with SureView or create a new one.

  3. Scroll down to the Integration section and switch on "Enable Central Station Monitoring Support"

  4. Select SureView in the dropdown and add your unique SureView Alarm Email Address

  5. Turn on "Enable snapshot attach"mceclip1.png
  6. Press Submit (if adding a new solution) or Save (if editing an existing Solution)

  7. Ultinous is now ready to send events to be viewed in SureView Response!






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