How do I perform a Manual Tour / Patrol? (Open an Area that isn't in an alarm state)

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How do I perform a Manual Tour / Patrol? (Open an Area that isn't in an alarm state)

If you need to manually open an Area that isn't in an active alarm state (e.g. you need to perform virtual tour of the area cameras) then you can make use of the "Manual Raise" feature

  1. Click Manual Raise
  2. Select the Area you want to open
  3. Select the relevant "Event Type" as configured by your organisation
  4. Press OK



If you don't have an Event Type that matches what you are trying to do then your SureView Admin would need to add it to the account "Event Type" list by following these steps:


Adding a "Tour" (or equivalent) Event  Type

  1. Login with an Admin Account
  2. Click on the Menu
  3. Click on "Event Types"
  4. Add Add Event
  5. Define your new Event Type





What happened to the "Manual Tour" button?

In older versions of SureView Response there was a separate button specially for Manual Tours.  Manual Raise has superseded that as a much more flexible feature that provides greater functionality to open your Areas on demand.

To avoid duplication of functionality the "Manual Tour" button was discontinued in SureView Response - 2023 Release 04 (see "Fixes & Improvements" section).

If you'd like to discuss this change or revert to previous interface versions please don't hesitate to contact our team.

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