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What's New?

At SureView, we are dedicated to enhancing performance and user experience by continually adding new features and optimizing existing workflows. 

As new releases are made available a summary of these updates can be found below. If you have ideas for new features you'd like to see implemented into SureView Response, don't hesitate to submit them to our team using the Feature Request Forum.

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Release 6 (2024) - 17th April

Fixes & Improvements

  • Alarms: Improved search functionality for alarm points.
  • Alarms: Fixed an issue where the option to "Add Action From Library" only allowed the selection of the children actions, not the parent actions.
  • Alarms: Fixed an issue that was causing the inability to link cameras.
  • Dataminr: Adds UI and Data option to allow the AllowExtraText to be toggled to ensure extra text always gets added on event raising.
  • Events: Fixed an issue preventing the "Only Match Exact" setting from being enabled if the auto handle was disabled.
  • Events: Fixed an issue intermittently preventing the first alarm from being acknowledged when joining an event.
  • Maps: Introduced an improved caching strategy allowing for maps to load correctly.
  • Masking: Resolved an issue for operators that was causing Memory spikes when using the system.
  • Mobile App: Fixed an issue where clicking the Bell icon (bottom center) in the Mobile app presented an error message instead of allowing the user to perform a Mobile Raise.


Release 5 (2024) - 21st March

Fixes & Improvements

  • Area Notes: Fix to timezone conversion when displaying Area Note dates.
  • Area Notes: Removes unnecessary warning on optional field.
  • Area Notes: Resolves an issue with clearing the textbox after pressing the cancel button.


Release 4 (2024) - 7th March 

New Features

Reordering Action Plan Categories

The "Action/ReorderCategories" feature is a tool that enables you to rearrange categories in your Action Plan, which helps optimize your operators' efficiency. With this release, you can change the order of these categories to align with the way you want your team to view them in the main Response interface.




Fixes & Improvements

  • Alarms: Resolved an issue with color-coded alarms with broken pagination after an entry has been deleted.
  • Site Monitor: Quick End - Fixed an issue where an Invalid message is shown if a user attempts to Quick End via a shortcut without a valid Quick End Configured.
  • Clips: Feature for "Collapse By Default" Prevents Clips from Loading Automatically - Fixes an issue with cameras not loading if the "Collapse by Default" media matrix feature is enabled.


Release 3 (2024) - 22nd February 

New Features

Alarm Queue Filters - Area Exclusions

Area Exclusions enable users to selectively exclude areas from their alarm queue filters. This is helpful when customers want to create a view of a large region and want to exclude a few locations from their filter.

2024-03-14 11_06_29-SureView Operations — Mozilla Firefox.png


Fixes & Improvements

  • Site Monitor: Fixes an issue where the audit service doesn't process any jpeg to mp4 conversions if more than 16 attachments are included
  • Schedules: Fixes an issue where the DST wasn't being respected if a schedule was created before a DST time change.
  • Masking: Fixes background issue where Area Masking was using the wrong EventRecordTypeID and ObjectID
  • Area Information: Resolve the Schedule Timezone being dependent on the "Schedules" Feature Flag, will now work without the feature flag


Release 2 (2024) - 8th February 

New Features

Color Coded Alarms - Event Queue Priority

This feature introduces customizable color coding for alarm priorities within the event queue.



Fixes & Improvements

  • Sync: Update to improve performance
  • Event Queue: Updates to improve performance
  • Mobile App: Fixed issue with map loading after multiple login attempted
  • RTSP Video: Updated RTSP server for Ava Aware integration
  • Quick End: Update for Quick End to automatically ACK any alarm in the queue
  • API:
    • New Endpoint for Event Priority / Event Text 
    • New endpoint for Executive Summary of events
    • New endpoint for external API authentication for the GetExecutiveSummary endpoint
  • Activity Log: Resolved display of unauthorized Event Categories in Activity Log
  • Device Setup: Enhanced performance of the Alarm Tab in Device Setup
  • Masking Time: Adjusted Max Masking Time Limits
  • End Button: Fixed an issue when the end button would not be available when all ACK operations were completed 


Release 1 (2024) - 16th January

New Features

Sync - Mask by Default

This new feature can all be enabled on request and will be rolled out as default for all Plus & Pro Tier Customers soon.

This feature allows admins to configure "Sync" so that any new Alarm points being added to SureView are Masked by default. Alarm points will then remain masked until they are manually Armed.

See Support page for more details.


Fixes & Improvements

  • Quick End: UI Improvements and fixes to Quick End - Including automatically acknowledging all alarms when clicked. Removing the need to click "Ack All" beforehand
  • Map Layers: Background improvements to the loading of Map Layers to reduce loading times & fixes an issue where invalid LatLong coordinates could causes map loading difficulties.
  • Sync Removes the ability for Sync Systems to automatically Delete entries
  • SMTP Alarms: Adds dynamic response code matching based on character length to improve variable length GUID decoding.
  • RTSP Live Cameras: Adds support for RTSPS
  • Event Configuration: Fix to the close button within the Event Configuration screen
  • Add Note: Adds additional input validation to the Add Note screen
  • Area Sync: Resolves issue with Area Sync configuration updating
  • Device Setup: Fixes saving issue when a user attempts to update a device's "Extra Value" field but makes no other field changes.
  • Alarm Setup Tab: Improves loading times for the Alarm Setup tab
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Streamlines keyboard shortcuts process when closing out Alarms.
  • Masking Duration: Fix to masking duration validation for users with extended masking permissions - allowing for long term masking

Release 18 (2023) - 6th December

This is our last release of the year and we're happy to announce four new features, along with some minor improvements and fixes.

The new features can all be enabled on request and will be rolled out as default for all customers early in 2024


New Features

Bulk Alarm Clear

We have now added the ability for Administrators to bulk clear alarm events directly from the main queue. This can be useful during times of testing or if there is an unexpected flood of nuisance alarms.

The administrator will need to select a closure category and provide a note explaining the closure. The closed events are fully audited and viewable in the event history.

See Support Page for more details


Action Plan: Outcome Category Selection with Quick Close

This new Action Plan step allows you to enforce specific category selections from within the operator action plans. It can even be used to fully acknowledge and quickly close out of an alarm event by clicking the Action Step.
See Support page for more details


Quick End

For those who need an even faster way to end an alarm event there is now the "Quick End" button.

Administrators can choose a Category to be assigned to the button. This will then allow operators (with the appropriate permissions) to close an entire alarm event (automatically assigning the outcome category) with a single click or with the keyboard shortcut Shift+Q

See Support page for more details



Customisable Default Parking and Masking Times

You can now configure a custom default for both event parking and masking. This will help speed up operator processing times by removing the need for them to manually select your preferred parking or masking times each time they are used

See Support page for more details



Fixes & Improvements

  • Device Setup: Fixes issue in displaying the page controls for devices with a large number of peripherals
  • Area Setup: Fixes issue with deletion confirmation box to ensure that the user must type the full confirmation text before being allowed to delete an Area.
  • Map Setup: Fixes issue in setting Pin Floor Levels on initial save.
  • Performance Improvements: Enhancements made to both Asset Status (Field Operations) and user caching to improve the speed and efficiency of the system.
  • HTTP JSON Alarms: Adds the ability to decode URLs from HTTP JSON alarms - these URLS (clickable web links) are displayed to operators during alarm handling.


Release 17 (2023) - 23rd November

New Features

Update Area Info Screen

We have condensed the the Area Details and Area Notes popout into one screen, making it easier to quickly get al the information an operator needs about an Area with one click.


Fixes & Improvements

  • Email Alarms: Improves location detection when using custom regular expression decoders for Lat Long matching
  • Map Setup: Usabiility enhancements to the Map Layer Setup box
  • Media Matrix: Update to lock video cells when in use so new alarm clips don't take focus away from operator's actions.
  • Site Monitor: Improvemenmts to the visual style of the clip location grid (Shown in the site monitor alarm queue)
  • Floor Labels: Fix to the loading of Floor Labels when logging in with a SSO account (Pro Tier Customers Only)
  • Event Search: Fixes issue where multiple events are highlighted in the sidebar instead of the single one that was clicked
  • Media Matrix: Fix to "Clear" button to ensure that clicking multiple times in a single media matrix session will work as expected
  • Site Monitor: Fix to the "Unread Message Indicator" so it only appears if there are active messages rather than uploaded Files/Notes.

Release 16 (2023) - 25th October

New Features

Media Matrix - Clip Labels

The Clips section in Media Matrix now includes the Alarm details to make it easy to quickly see which alarms each clip is associated with.

This also includes the DateTime of the alarm shown in both "My Time" (the timezone of the operator) and "Area Time" (the timezone of the area)


Media Matrix - Clip Location

The Alarms list in Media Matrix now has a reference image that shows if the clips of an alarm are currently being shown in the Media Matrix and it's relative position in the media matrix grid.



Fixes & Improvements

      • Event Search: Default Event Search ordering from Oldest to Newest
      • Event Search: Fixes issue with "Permission Error" pop-up when opening previous event.
      • Event Queue Filters: Fix to the "Alarm Age" Filter - allowing filters to be created for older alarms
      • Status: Efficiency improvements to SureView Status
      • Insights: Fix to Autohandle filter on Insights Report
      • Site Monitor: Fix to "Unread" message count

Release 15 (2023) - 5th October

  • Fixes & Improvements

      • Manual Raise: Updates selector box to use more modern selection component
      • Mobile: Improves the Camera Selection Interface for Live Cameras in the Mobile Field Ops App
      • Closing Event: Ensures the category selection is clearly shown as mandatory before close out
      • Alarm Image Decoding: Improves the handling of alarm image decoding when/if a device sends an empty image file.

Release 14 (2023) - 29th August

Minor maintenance update

  • Fixes & Improvements

    • Media Matrix: Improvements to how the media matrix handles large camera quantities to provide a more seamless user experience, and reduce load times.

    • Alarm Setup:  Updates alarm setup to automatically refresh the data after making changes (such as adding or editing an alarm point). This means that users don't need to refresh the page manually to see any recent changes.

Release 13 (2023) - 10th August

This is another maintenance focused update which makes major improvements to Scaling as well as some smaller improvements and fixes

Fixes & Improvements

  • Scaling Improvements: Additional scaling efficiency improvements

  • Sync Setup:  The Setup Screen now automatically updates when a sync has occurred (so a user doesn't need to refresh the page or close/open the Setup Dialogue)
  • Setup Save: Fixes an issue in Setup where conflicting "success" "failure" messages were being shown when saving device changes.
  • Permissions: Fixes a User Interface issue with "User View" permission role which makes it appear that you can make edit changes when you can't.
  • Insights: Fixes issue with "clear" button not being enabled after a user selects Closure Code (category) filters.
  • Area Setup: Improves caching for Area Setup so changes made with Bulk Import are visible immediately (without the need for a page refresh)

Release 12 (2023) - 11th July

This is a maintenance focused update which makes major improvements to Scaling as well as some smaller improvements and fixes

Fixes & Improvements

  • Scaling Improvements: - Back-end updates to improve efficiency including: Caching Changes, Data Clean up and Database updates.
  • Video Tours: Increased the max length of the Tour Step Title from 50 to 250
  • Email Alarm Images: Improvement in JPEG attachment decoding (JPEG vs JPG file-types)
  • Location Data Decoding: Improves the auto-matching of Location data in generic email alarms
  • Alarm Mapping: Fixes issue with how gps data from incoming alarms is saved
  • Insights Reporting: Fixes issue when applying different timezones to grouped alarm data.
  • Insights API: Resolves issue with using API to request reporting data against AutoHandled Events
  • Media Matrix: Resolves highlighting issue with the Clips Menu in the Media Matrix Sidebar
  • Category Update: Resolves issue when changing Event Categories that had been previously disabled


Release 11 (2023) - 19th June

This update focuses on fine-tuning our existing features for improved efficiency on large scales.

One major improvement we would like to highlight is regarding how Alarm pins are loaded in the map.  From now on all alarm pins will instantly load even when there's a extremely large number of alarms in the queue.



Fixes & Improvements

  • Mapping: Major improvement to Map Alarm Pin Loading - All visible pins now load immediately rather than sequentially

  • Scalability: Improvises the efficiency of OpsLink detection

  • Scalability: Improvises the efficiency of Camera stream technical logging

  • Scalability:  Improves the efficiency of how Device Details are loaded

  • Area Syncing: Improves error reporting on Area Sync Systems

  • Email Alarms: Resolves issue with decimal Latitude,Longitude decoding.

Release 10 (2023) - 6th June

New Features


Introducing the newest feature of SureView Response, Status.

Status is designed to provide your operations teams insight into the current status and general health of the devices and systems you monitor.  Whether you’re streaming video, monitoring IoT devices, receiving business risk alerts, or monitoring anything with an IP address—SureView Status elevates your ability to monitor the health of all security sub-systems.



Early access to this new feature is now available to you upon request.  Full availability will be turned on by default for all accounts on Thursday June 15, 2023. The permissions to access this new feature will only be available to System Administrators.

If you have any questions or need to speak with a SureView engineer, please submit a request


Learn More- Status Support Page


Show Status of Mobile Users in Response

When an operator shares an event the current status of the Field Ops Mobile User will now be displayed alongside their name. Additionally if the operator hovers over the mobile user/assets location on the map the tooltip will also show the mobile user's current status




Fixes & Improvements

  • Manual Raise: Set's Manual Raise event types to "Not Grouped" by default
  • Reporting: Resolves issue with Activity Report when requesting historic data (>12 months)
  • Reporting: Adds "excludeAutoHandled" parameter to ActivityReport API to allow users to optionally include or exclude autohandled alarms from API Report Data.
  • Advanced Device Setup: Resolves issue with field change detection on the "Edit Camera Properties" Save button
  • iOS App: Resolves display issue with uploaded photo orientation (portrait vs landscape)
  • Performance: Improves performance when searching for historic events by Area / Site
  • Bulk Area Import: Removed legacy “ManualTourActionPlan” field.
  • Camera Tours: Increased the max title length for Camera Tours.

Release 09 (2023) - 24th May

Fixes & Improvements

  • Event Sharing: Resolves issue with the Event Share banner showing the Invitee name rather than the Inviter
  • Email Alarm Viewer: Adds additional email format compatibility to the Email Alarm Viewer
  • OpsLink+: Improves Transcoding Detection for OpsLink+ Device Streaming
  • RTSP Cameras: Resolves issue with character encoding for RTSP Cameras


Release 08 (2023) - 3rd May

Fixes & Improvements

  • Report API: added "LastUpdated" filter for advanced Report API users
  • Restorable Alarms: Improves processing of Restore Detection for Restorable (most commonly Access Control) alarms



Release 07 (2023) - 13th April

Fixes & Improvements

  • Area Sync: Increases the character limit of the Area Sync Identifier from 200 to 2000 . This provides greater flexibility when syncing Areas against large scale systems.
  • Mapping: Resolves issue with alarm map pins for HTTP Alarm generated triggers


Release 06 (2023) - 23rd March

Throughout the next couple of weeks we'll be rolling out a new features that we are excited to share. If you'd like early access (or would like to opt-out) please contact our team.

New Features

Contact Inheritance

This feature makes it easier to assign contacts to multiple Areas within your area  tree.

When "Inherited" is ticked then the contact will be assigned to the selected Area as well as all other areas underneath


An Area's contact will be shown in the "Area Details" view as well as the "Call Contact" action step (if configured)


Fixes & Improvements

  • Insights: Resolves intermittent loading issue with "Alarm Event List" report
  • Insights: Improvements on data processing and scaling resulting in faster report generation against large queries
  • Event Search: Background optimisations when searching by Area
  • Event Share: Background optimisations in resource usage when events are shared with multiple users

Release 05 (2023) - 16th March

Fixes & Improvements

  • Map: Improved how Camera Pins are displayed on the map with Areas that have multiple floors.
  • Optimisations: Background optimisations with regards to SureView Engineer Support Access


Release 04b (2023) - 8th March

Fixes & Improvements

  • Alarm Clips: Improvements to processing attached JPG images with a non-standard resolution and image ratios


Release 04 (2023) - 1st March

Throughout the next couple of weeks we'll be rolling out quite a few new features that we are excited to share. If you'd like early access (or would like to opt-out) of any of the following new features, please contact our team.

New Features

Map Area Pins

The map will now automatically show you the location of all your areas with a toggle-able Area Pin


Clicking on an Area pin will pop-out information about the Area, including the address and key contacts.



Alarm Queue Map - Automatic Alarm "Area" Location

This feature has been available for some users for a while, and is now ready to roll out to all accounts by default.

As well as detecting alarm locations from the alarm data or mapped alarm points SureView will now be able to use the location of the associated Area to ensure that all incoming alarms will always have a location pin on the queue map.


Event Processing Map - Update Alarm Location

This feature has been available for some users for a while, and is now ready to roll out to all accounts by default.

Users with the “Allow the user to update the event location pin” permission will now be able to manually move the alarm pin during an alarm event. This is helpful when the initial information about the location of the event changes and needs to be updated. 


Media Matrix - Auto Populate

This feature has been in use by a number of customers for some time, and is now ready to be released to all accounts.  In cases where there are multiple alarms within the event, Media Matrix will now automatically populate up to 9 clips from all alarms—without the operator needing to manually click each alarm individually.

In the example below two alarms were received—an access denied followed by a door forced. The clips from both alarms will load automatically, rather than just the first one.



The operator still has complete control, and is able to change any media matrix cell with a different live camera or alarm clips as required. 

If your operation prefers to work with the previous style, where operators manually choosing the clips to view one alarm at a time, please contact SureView Support and we’ll be able to switch your Media Matrix settings back to manual.


Action Plans - Call Contact
Your Action Plans can now be used to guide operators to communicate with your Area contacts - Thank you Roger West for the Feature Request



Fixes & Improvements

  • Event Queue: Legacy Patrol/Tour UI references have been removed. Instead of using "Manual Tour" to open an area, the "Manual Raise" button should be used instead. (see FAQ page for details)

  • User Setup: Removed the legacy “Area” field from the add/edit user setup window.

  • Alarm Setup: The “Standards based” HTTP Alarms tab is now enabled by default for all customers.

  • Media Matrix: Fixes an issue with portrait images uploaded via the Field Ops app, so that the image is now oriented correctly when displayed in Media Matrix.

  • Event Processing:  If two operators are handling an alarm event at the same time, when the primary operator leaves, they will now automatically pass control to the other—without needing an additional confirmation prompt. The prompt will only appear if there are three or more operators within the same alarm event.

Release 03 (2023) - 15th February

Fixes & Improvements

  • Background optimisations with regards to:

    • Data retention and processing (Housekeeping)

    • Map Layer processing

    • User session caching

  • Fix to Event Search showing the same event multiple times

Release 02 (2023) - 30th January

New Features

  • Action Plans: URL step type can now be used with any link prefix (including mailto: for automatic email links) - Thank you Roger West for the Feature Request
  • Event Search: You can now search by time as well as date - Thank you Roger West for this Feature Request

Fixes & Improvements

  • Site Monitor: Now uses latitude,longitude coordinates (if available) rather than area address when centring on area.
  • Insights: Improved loading on Event List Report when complex filters are applied
  • Media Matrix: Camera detection in place to prevent the same camera loading multiple times in cases where the camera has been both manually linked to an alarm and has been mapped near by.
  • Action Plans: Action Plans are now collapsed by default (making it easier to scroll through a large collection of action plans) - Thank you Roger West for the Feature Request
  • Event Search: Selected Events are now highlighted in the side bar - Thank you Roger West for the Feature Request

Release 01 (2023) - 12th January

New Features

  • Media Matrix:  Added button to open Media Matrix window (in addition to the existing auto pop-up and ALT+M keyboard shortcut)

  • Media Matrix: Auto Pop-up can now be disabled. Please submit a request to the SureView Support team if you need this preference set for your SureView account.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Login Screen: EULA acceptance text added to login screen
  • Action Plan:  Page focus no longer moves back to the top of the page after step completion.
  • Reports: Historic events handled by users that have since been deleted are now included in the "Activity Report" type reports.
  • Bulk Add Alarms: Action Plan field is no longer compulsory when bulk importing alarm points.


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